Sterling Silver (925/1000) Goldsmith's Badge -
Personal Commission

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This piece of work for myself is full of irony. I moved to Oamaru, New Zealand, in mid-2009 in order to open a Goldsmith/Jeweller's shop in Oamaru's unique Victorian Historic Precinct. Everyone working in the Precinct is , quite naturally, expected to clothe themselves in appropriate historic clothing.

Given my heritage, and the nature of my work, I was unlikely to dress as a "proper Victorian woman"! Instead, I wear male garb based on that of the American West of 1899. As a result, my colleagues started to call me "The Sheriff" and asked me where my badge was! I decided that I would prefer a (firmly-tongue-in-cheek) "Goldsmith's Badge" and this is the result.

The ironies I mentioned include the obvious one of wearing a "Goldsmith's Badge" since I'm not aware any were ever issued!

Another is that, despite its title, the badge is constructed from Sterling Silver (925/1000)- 27.28 gms worth! - and Copper. (I'm in the same position anyone wanting a commission piece - budget limitations!)

Finally, I seem to have been a bit too clever for my own good - I thought that the badge was quite clearly *not* a Sheriff's Badge. However, since I have been wearing it I have frequently been approached by visitors to the Precinct in search of directions or other information. One visitor went so far as to say that they figured I would know as I was obviously the local Law Officer!

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