Black Onyx, Sterling Silver (925/1000), & Fine Silver (999/1000)
Victorian Collar Stud - Commission piece

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As with all commission work, there are three key factors involved. These are:
  • what the commissioner would like to receive;
  • any technical limitations to achieving that; and
  • budget.
Once these factors have been established, the only limit is the combined imaginations of the commissioner and the goldsmith.

For this piece, the commissioner wanted a special Christmas gift as the recipient was in need of an authentic Collar Stud to complete his Victorian-period clothing.

Research showed three traditional methods of construction and, after discussion, the pictured design was chosen. The 15mm diameter stud has a loop at the back which passes through both layers of the collar. A hand-forged Sterling Silver pin is inserted through the loop on the inside to hold the stud in place. Two pins were made (in case one was lost!) - one is shown at bottom left of photo.

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