Coiled Wire Fibulae (Brooches) - Samples Only

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These coiled wire fibulae (brooches) are based on Southern European finds dating from the third century CE. The brooch pin and catch are integral to the wire coils, being formed from each end of the coil. The coils provide the tension required to keep the pin in place.

The top fibula is handmade from 1.0mm brass wire and each coil measures approximately 20mm in diameter. The bottom fibula is made from 1.0mm copper wire and each coil measures approximately 15mm in diameter.

Available in Gold, Silver, Copper, or Brass, and in preferred diameters of both wire and coils. NOTE: Unless large diameter wire (2.0mm and up) is ordered, these fibulae are for decoration only as they are not strong enough to pin clothing together..

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