Citrine and Apatite
Sterling Silver (925/1000) Tie Pins (Stick Pins)

Index Price: $NZ 56 each

Jewelled straight-pins have been used from as early as the Mycenaean & Minoan cultures of the 14th and 13th centuries B.C.E. to fasten clothing or as hair decorations.

These pins are inspired by the pins used to fasten Stocks in the late 18th Century and "stick pins" of the Victorian era.

The tie-pins are hand-forged on the premises from Sterling Silver, and faceting-grade natural Citrine crystal and Apatite crystal have been hand-wrapped in Sterling Silver wire to best display their natural growth planes. The safety end-cap is a commercial silver-plated finding.

A view of the crystals in sunlight when worn as tie or stick pins. Citrine left, Apatite right.

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