Welcome to Gold Moon's website

Sample photos of Gold Moon's handcrafted jewellery

You are invited to explore the treasury of unique gems and jewels handcrafted by Sue Leader, Goldsmith/Jeweller.

As you follow the links on the left side of the page, you will find that:

  • The Fingers link takes you to rings of gold, silver, and copper, with and without stones.
  • The Arms link displays Bracelets and Cuffs, from Ancient Egyptian coiled wire to modern cuff bracelets.
  • Working our way up the body, the Body link discloses Celtic inspired Annunular Brooches, Iron Age inspired Fibulae, Victorian inspired Shirt Studs and Tie-pins, and random Badges.
  • Reaching the Neck, we find Necklaces, Neck Chains, Viking inspired Bracteates, & a variety of Pendants from Medieval inspired to Cosmological!
  • Advancing to the Ear, we find Earrings of every description and inspired by a range of periods from Mycenaean and Minoan through to contemporary, and based on ear hooks, ear wires, and screw back fittings.
  • The last category, Other, holds all those interesting items which don't fit anywhere else, including: Dark Ages Cloak Brooches, Toe Rings, Counterweights for ceremonial collars, Ankle Chains, Cufflinks, Egyptian inspired Scarabs, & upcycled 30-30 shells: "Guns into Roses".

The links across the top of the page provide more information about Gold Moon itself.
  • The About link tells you more about Sue and the studio's background.
  • The Ordering & FAQs link supplies a list of answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) such as information on how to order jewels and ask for Commissions, Ring sizing, currency conversion, ethical jewellery, buying jewellery safely online, and more.
  • The Contact link gives Gold Moon's physical location, and electronic contact methods.
  • The Home link will bring you back to this page
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