Lapis Lazuli and Sterling Silver (925/1000) Glove Ring

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Lapis Lazuli has been used for decorative purposes since ancient times: beads made from Lapis Lazuli date as early as 2000-1800 BCE in the Egyptian Middle Kingdom period. Lapis Lazuli was the colour of the Divine and was reputed to promote clear understanding and intuition. The main source in the Ancient World was Badakastan in the mountains of the Hindu Kush.

I call this a "Glove Ring" as I was inspired by the large rings worn by Medieval Ambassadors over their gloves. Apparently this served as a 'badge of recognition' even from a distance, and functioned to give what we would call "diplomatic immunity" - especially useful in battle zones! Medieval Bishops also commonly wore their 'ring of office' over their gloves. This ring can therefore fit a smaller finger or thumb over a leather glove, or a larger finger or thumb without a glove. Size = V 1/2.

In this design I wanted to maximise the viewable area of the square (-ish!) stone, so I experimented with what I call "loop prongs". I originally riveted the prongs in place, but decided that this did not give a secure enough mount for the stone, so soldered them in place. The ring shank (the band around the finger) is constructed from 4.3mm x 2.1mm D-profile Sterling Silver (925/1000) wire which was hand-drawn on an 1870's Victorian jeweller's wire-drawing bench.

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