Lapis Lazuli, Sterling Silver (925/1000), & Fine Silver (999/1000) Ring

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Lapis Lazuli has been used for decorative purposes since ancient times: beads made from Lapis Lazuli date as early as 2000-1800 BCE in the Egyptian Middle Kingdom period. Lapis Lazuli was the colour of the Divine and was reputed to promote clear understanding and intuition. The main source in the Ancient World was Badakastan in the mountains of the Hindu Kush.

The ring is handcrafted from Sterling Silver (925/1000) and has a Fine Silver (999/1000) bezel. The bezel is seated on a Sterling Silver raised fishtail-platform which displays the large oval Lapis Lazuli cabochon. The ring's shank (band around the finger) is highly polished, contrasting with the 'brushed satin' finish of the platform and the roughened finish of the Fine Silver bezel. Size = S

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