Fine Silver (999/1000) & Clay Scarab Ring

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Top View

Bottom View - sample roughly carved signet

Based on scarab amulet rings of Egyptian design from early XVIIIth Dynasty (1550 BCE). Originally made from Lapis Lazuli, the scarab (Kheper) represents 'becoming' or 'perpetual renewal'. The scarab swivels and often had an engraved design on the base which could be used as a seal. The shank (the band which goes around the finger) and pivot were traditionally made from pure (24K) Gold.

This ring is handcrafted from Fine Silver (999/1000) wire and clay. The design of the shank is not traditional, instead I have adapted another technique from classical times - a woven shank. In the more traditional style (see previous ring), Fine Silver wire is coiled around one end of the shank, passes through the scarab forming a pivot, and then is coiled around the other end of the shank. I decided that combining the two techniques could be interesting and this is the result.

I couldn't source hardstone scarabs of any type which weren't already engraved with a mass-produced, meaningless, sigil, so I had to make my own. I hand-mixed gold and blue clays to simulate lapis lazuli, and then carved a tradition scarab form into it before baking. The base is left blank, but can have a personal sign or seal carved into it later, as in this example.

SAMPLE ONLY: Commissions taken in the metal (Gold, Silver, or Copper) of your choice.

N.B. If you are a carver of hardstone scarabs I would be pleased to hear from you - see Contact page.

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