Pure Copper & Citrine Ring - Commission piece

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As with all commission work, there are three key factors involved. These are:
  • what the commissioner would like to receive;
  • any technical limitations to achieving that; and
  • budget.
Once these factors have been established, the only limit is the combined imaginations of the commissioner and the goldsmith.

For this piece, the commissioner wanted to mark a special occasion with a ring for daily wear. The commissioner enjoys the warmth of copper, and liked the way the deep yellow of the Citrine complemented the color of the copper.

The design needed to be robust as the ring would be worn all the time, so a rub-over setting in a raised bezel was chosen for the faceted Citrine. At the same time, it seemed a shame not to let the light into the setting, so four diamond-shaped windows were carved into the bezel. The result is a sparkling but sturdy ring.

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