La Tène Rings

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Price: $NZ 75 Copper, size X (slightly adjustable), 2.98 gms

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This project began as a question - how did the oddly shaped rings discovered at an Iron Age settlement work? The picture seemed to indicate that they were double-U-shaped and I couldn't see how they'd stay on the finger. I decided to experiment... and below are the results.
I've taken the photos from two different orientations so that you can see what I saw in the illustration (though the black & white photo showed only one, and that in the first position shown).

I think they work fine as art pieces! As it happens, they look well on, and can even be nested. The unusual design allows the ring to slip easily over the knuckle.

Sterling Silver (925/1000). Size Q 1/2.

Pure Copper. Size L.

These rings are replicas of a Silver ring excavated from Iron Age settlement in Park Brow, Sussex, UK. The style is La Tène, which was probably made in what is now Switzerland, in the 3rd Century BCE.

Still can't see it? Here they are on real fingers! They are surprisingly comfortable.

The unusual design allows the ring to slip easily over the knuckle. The design is also useful for those who work with their hands, as the ring sits out of the pressure zone.

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