Sterling Silver (925/1000) Herakles Knot Ring

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The Herakles Knot (Herakleotikon hamma) has been used for jewellery since at least the Hellenistic (Greek) Age [323-30 BCE] and has remained popular throughout time. Inherited from the Egyptians, for whom it had an amuletic (protective) role, it became popular as a marriage symbol. The Greeks used it frequently on the bride's protective girdle, securely fastening it until the groom untied it after the wedding - possibly where the term "tying the knot" arose! The unbreakable knot still symbolises the strength of true love.
This ring has been handcrafted from Sterling Silver (925/1000). Size = O

Also available in Pure Copper or 14K Yellow and Red Gold.
Update: 24/03/11 - this ring has now been commissioned for a larger hand, using 1.5mm instead of 1.0mm wire. Note how the curves change with the increase in diameter.

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