Repair of Crushed
9K Gold & Topaz Ring

Index Price: Commission work - POA for similar work.

This is the result of running over a ring with a car! (Kids - don't try this at home!)

Fortunately, the ring was an open setting and the stone popped out without suffering too much damage. The client brought both parts of the ring to me and asked if I could do anything. As she was prepared to accept the risk of further breakage when I started to untangle it, I accepted the commission.

With this type of repair, the first challenge is to try to envisage what the ring looked like before it was crushed. The second step is to gently "untangle" the setting and next bring the parts back to a semblance of the original design. The ring was then repolished and the final step was to reset the stone.

We're pretty pleased with the result - what do you think?


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