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090812 looped prongs - top view
Lapis Lazuli & Sterling Silver Glove Ring
091223 copper ring-punched flat band ring
Pure Copper "Ring-Punched" Ring - 5mm
091230 copper flat band - narrow ring
Pure Copper Ring - 2mm
100801 la tene silver
Pure Copper, Sterling Silver
La Tène Rings

Sterling Silver Herakles Knot Ring

Sterling & Fine Silver
"Unity Ring"

La Tène Today -
Sterling Silver & Pink Tourmaline Ring

"Remember!" Ring -
Chrysoprase & Sterling Silver

La Tène Patterned Ring
Forged-top Sterling Silver

La Tène Today -
Sterling Silver & 14K Gold
Chrome Tourmaline Ring

Sterling Silver Hammer-forged Ring

Available on Order & Previous Commissions

090823 ring punched copper ring
Pure Copper Ring -
Ring-punched Design
091015 chrysoprase and silver ring1
Chrysoprase, Sterling Silver, &
Fine Silver Ring
091023 silver lapis top
Lapis Lazuli, Sterling Silver, & Fine Silver Ring
091126 silver and clay scarab ring
Sterling Silver, Fine Silver, & Clay Scarab Ring
091119 fine silver and clay scarab ring - top
Fine Silver & Clay Scarab Ring
091223 copper domed ring
Pure Copper Ring - 9mm
091230 copper heracles-knot ring
Pure Copper Herakles Knot Ring
100103 y and r gold heracles knot ring
14K Yellow & Red Gold Herakles Knot Ring

14k Yellow Gold, Sterling Silver,
& Ruby Ring - Commission piece
100630 lapis and silver medieval ring top P1060053
Lapis Lazuli & Sterling Silver
Medieval-inspired Ring - Commission piece

22K Gold, Sterling Silver, & Emerald Ring -
Personal Commission

Pure Copper and Bloodstone Ring

Pure Copper Rune Ring
Commission Piece

La Tène Today -
Pure Copper & Green Fluorite Ring

Pure Copper, Sterling Silver
Embossed Animal-head Rings - Prototypes

Opal, Sterling Silver, &
Fine Silver Ring - Commission

Star Sapphire, Sterling Silver, &
Fine Silver Medieval Ring - Commission

Sterling Silver Worry Ring - Prototype


"One Offs"

100421 ring top box P1050769
Pure Copper & Citrine Ring - Commission piece

Commission: Repair Crushed
9K Gold & Topaz Ring


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