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In Stock

091129 targe pendant - bright
Sterling Silver Medieval-inspired Pendant

Shell, Pearl, & Sterling Silver Pendant

Sea and Earth Talisman Necklace - Small

Available on Order & Previous Commissions

090927 copper and crystal cross - patina developing
Pure Copper and Crystal Cross
091108 fine silver fingerloop necklace
Fine Silver Necklace
100128 anchor commission - small
9K Yellow Gold Anchor Pendant
- Commission piece
100212 silver neck chain - oval complete
Sterling Silver Neck Chain
- oval links
100312 silver neck chain round complete
Sterling Silver Neck Chain
- round links
100520 jet and copper comm - side - small
Pure Copper and Jet Pendant
- Commission piece
101212 stg and garnet medieval cross
Sterling Silver & Garnet
Medieval Cross
110104 treble-clef stg necklace
Sterling Silver Treble-clef Necklace
- Co-Commission
8s and ovals sterling chain
Sterling Silver Neck Chain
- 8's & ovals links

9K Yellow Gold & Black Leather Necklace
- Commission Piece
t_110901 stg anchor pendant
Sterling Silver & Fine Silver Anchor Pendant

Necklace in 14K Gold & Sterling Silver
- Commission Piece

Constellations Series #2:
Southern Cross Pendant
Sterling Silver & Pearls -

Fine Silver, Sterling Silver,
& Paua Shell Pendant and Earrings - Commission

Copper Twisted Chain Necklace

Constellations Series #1:
Southern Cross Pendant
Sterling Silver & Pearls

"One Offs"

100828 wizard pendant
The Wizard of New Zealand's
Cosmology-Glyph Pendant
110211 black pearl mounting
Black Pearl Mounting - Sterling Silver
- Commission work

Sterling & Fine Silver
Pendant on Leather Necklace

Coral, Pearl, and Sterling Silver Necklace

Sea and Earth Talisman Necklace - Large

Ivory Necklace - Commission


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