Engraved Scarab - Commission

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110318 engraved scarab.jpg The commissioner was fascinated by the scarabs on display in the Studio which are based on scarab amulets of Egyptian design from the early XVIIIth Dynasty (1550 BCE). Originally made from Lapis Lazuli or other precious stone, the scarab (Kheper) represents 'becoming' or 'perpetual renewal'. The owner's personal symbols were engraved on the base to act as an official signature or seal on documents and goods.

The initials 'RGK' are engraved on the base, allowing it to be used as a seal (with sealing wax - though the initials will be in reverse as shown). The initials are engraved in the expanded Scandinavian Younger Futhark (Rune) script, as used in the Medieval period.

This scarab, made from gold and blue clays, swivels on a copper loop (not shown) which acts as a 'keeper' to hang on a neck-cord in the same manner as the original Sumerian Cylinder Seals.

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